Little Plover River Watershed Enhancement Project

The Little Plover River Watershed Enhancement Project (LPRWEP) is a multiparty collaboration convened by the Village of Plover to improve the health of the Little Plover River and the quality of life of the surrounding community.  The LPRWEP aims to use the best available data and voluntary conservation actions to achieve the following goals:


  • Increase the flow and improve the aquatic health of the Little Plover River.
  • Improve surface and groundwater connections and water retention across the Little Plover River Watershed.
  • Alleviate storm water-driven flooding.
  • Improve and expand fish and wildlife habitat and public recreation opportunities and access.

Hydrology First: Expanding the Conversation About Watershed Management in Wisconsin's Central Sands – Through the efforts of the Wisconsin Wetlands Association and other partners, the Village of Plover is excited to share this StoryMap. Designed for land and water managers and others interested in these issues, the StoryMap examines how landscape changes (especially to how water moves across the land) contributes to Central Wisconsin's water management concerns. This interactive tool allows users to explore the many ways that efforts to restore natural water movement could help improve soil, water, and watershed health. This interactive tool was made possible through local partnerships and grant funding.

Watch some short videos about the Little Plover River Watershed Enhancement Project (LPRWEP) - you can select from among the seven videos right in the screen below: (Tip: click on the "V" symbol in the upper-left-hand corner of the video screen, then select the video you wish to view from the dropdown list.  Or, click the ">| symbol to move to the next video.)

For more information about the LPRWEP, please contact: Dan Mahoney, Village Administrator