Tile Orders & Donations

If you would like to make a donation for the maintenance and perpetual care of the Memorial, or place an order for a Memorial Tile in honor or memory of a family member, friend or local veteran, please see below. 


Please make checks payable to: Village of Plover - Korean War Memorial 

Mail donations and contributions to:

The Village of Plover
ATTN: Brittany Zarecki
P.O. Box 37
Plover, WI 54467

Memorial Tiles

6 Inch Tiles

  • 6" by 6" Tile: $250.00
  • Picture or Logo: $50.00 each
  • Maximum Content Allowed: 4 lines with 20 characters each (including spaces), 2 pictures/logos 
  • NOTE: If a picture or logo is desired with a 6" by 6" tile, the picture will "take the place" of 1 or 2 lines, depending on what's requested, due to space/printable area availability.

12 Inch Tiles

  • 12" by 12" Tile: $500.00
  • Picture or Logo (black & white): $50.00 each
  • Maximum Content Allowed: 9 lines with 35 characters each (including spaces), 2 pictures/logos

Things to Keep in Mind

  • In Honor/Memory Of and veteran's name are separate lines and do not count towards the maximum allowed lines per tile.
  • A maximum of 2 logos, pictures or emblems are allowed. All images are in black and white. 
  • All artwork must be approved by the Village of Plover.
  • Artwork limits the message lines on a tile. There is only so much room and printable area to work with. 
  • Clear, high quality, portrait-style pictures are required in specific sizes:
    • 4 inches by 6 inches (4x6)
    • 5 inches by 7 inches (5x7)
    • 8 inches by 10 inches (8x10)
  • Please do not send pictures that meet any of the following criteria: faded, dark, blurry, torn/damaged, smaller than the minimum size requirement, images with distracting backgrounds (flags are acceptable), or pictures with multiple people in the image.
  • Please circle whether the tile is In Honor Of or In Memory Of.

Tile Order Directions & Process

  1. Download and fill out the Korean War Memorial Tile Order Form (PDF). The form is a PDF document (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) that can be filled in on your computer and printed out or filled in by hand. Please fill out all aspects of the form and indicate what size of tile you would like, whether a logo/picture will be included, etc. Note: use the tab key to move between data fields; when you have completed the form, save to your computer and print out before closing.
  2. Send the order form, payment and any supporting documents (pictures, logos, etc.) via mail to the address listed above. Checks must be made payable to the Village of Plover - Korean War Memorial.
  3. Once your order has been received, we will send you a receipt and letter in the mail once it has been processed. Note: The current Korean War Memorial (KWM) assistant works full-time for the Plover Fire Department and Building Inspection Department. While all orders are addressed in a timely fashion, it may take a few weeks to hear back from us. If it has been over one month since you sent in your application, please give us a call. We appreciate your patience and understanding!
  4. The letter you receive will have details regarding the process for your tile order. A mock up or tile proof will be sent to you via email for review and approval. If our assistant cannot reach you by email, she will contact you by phone. Note: please keep an eye on your spam/junk folders for communications as our emails tend to end up there initially; you will need to mark as not spam/junk.
  5. Once you have approved the tile proof, it will be sent to our tile manufacturer for creation. All tile orders are sent to our manufacturer as one single order after March 31st. Note: tiles ordered prior to March 31st of each year will be placed on the Memorial wall sometime during May (as weather permits). Tile orders received on or after March 31st will be processed and placed on the Memorial the following year. Please send your order to us well in advance of March 31st to allow time for communications, processing and creation. 
  6. Once our tile manufacturer has physically created and delivered your tile to us, it will be installed on the Memorial and ready for the annual ceremony, which is typically held on the first Sunday in June.
  7. If you provided a physical picture for your tile, we will mail it back to you once everything is complete, or you may pick it up at the ceremony if you attend. If for some reason you do not get your picture(s) back, please contact us as it may have been an accidental oversight.

If at any point you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.